MSW Social Work Programs By State

Rewarding Careers with a Masters Degree in Social Work

There was a time that the term "social worker" referred to those caseworkers who travel to client homes and create a report of situations. Over the last ten years, that has changed as social work has expanded into other areas. There are all new career specialties in the medical field as well as other areas offering lucrative entry-level positions. The need for people with Masters Degrees in Social Work to fill these positions is growing rapidly. All of these new careers require an MSW.

Careers in state and federal prisons for social workers are one of the new careers in the field. Some basic understanding of the criminal legal system and the occupations of law enforcement, probation officers, and parole officers is necessary. Primarily the position requires finding appropriate placement facilities, jobs, educational opportunities and family reconciliation services. Encouraging and assisting family members and the client in a transitional therapy situation may be the most difficult skill.

Government/Veteran Sector

Veterans organizations and the government has opened a new career occupation for social work skills. With all the returning veterans from the wars of the last ten years, the need for properly accredited workers is developing into a major need. Professionals in this area need to enjoy working with disabled clients and families that are living in a traumatic situation. Locating housing, finding jobs and educational opportunities, encouraging clients and families, and instilling the families to seek recompilation therapy are the primary functions.

Substance Abuse Sector

Substance Abuse facilities are just beginning to require a Masters Degree before applications are accepted. This job includes addiction consoling, facilitating interventions, or diagnostic work in a clinic. The entry-level positions even with an MSW require some minimum hours of field work in a substance abuse rehab facility. Once advancing to the administrative roles includes finding funding for facilities as well as procurement of professional workers. Directing caseworkers and interacting with clients and their families is typical even at the administrative levels.

Foster Care Case Management Sector

Another new career in the field is in Foster Care Case Management. In an attempt to raise the level of success for the children who are ordered by courts into foster care, this quasi-government agency is seeking higher education candidates. This occupation mandates skills in working with people who are traumatized and distressed. Placing children in an environment that matches their interests, goals, and needs are the primary functions of this social work. Finding the best therapy for the child and for the family members as well as the foster family is necessary to the success of the program.

Probably the best-kept secret for new careers is the home health social worker. Most of these jobs are fieldwork positions where you will work directly with the client and family in their home. This occupation entails working with the elderly and assisting in advising or explaining the complex paperwork and options of medical care available to them.

These are just a few of the new careers that require a Masters Degree in Social Work. Three are many others. Thinking outside the box for jobs that may interest you could bring surprising rewards. Before making a decision on your career, consider the many options this field now provides.